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Hunting after patch


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So here is the thing. First day, I start doing hunts, I start hunting pogger. They all come together, in group of three, at the nest, I shoot them one by one ( while invisible with Loki ) and none of them give a damn, so I can S#&$ them down. Same for the ... Slivnik...? I think it's his name. He comes to the nest, I wait a little, I shot. All of them are "perfect capture" level.


Post patch

What decides what is a perfect capture or not feels TOTALLY random. The poggers now, even if invisible, go mad and run as soon as one of them is tranquilized, making it really hard to capture the group. Is it normal? 

And for the slivnik, now, it's weird because sometimes I shot it right after he spawn, and it's labeled "perfect capture" and sometimes it decides it was a "good capture". Same S#&$ when I just wait for them to be at the nest, I wait several seconds, but the game looks like it is arbitrarly deciding when it's a perfect capture and when it's a good one. The sliv looks all quiet, I shot, and decides he was excited and run, making it after he collapse a "good capture".

Someone to help me understanding please? ^^" how to do perfect capture now, for exemple. For the slivnik or the poggers. 

And remember, I am Loki. They don't even see or hear me. But I'm kinda lost, there.

( Will see your answers tomorrow, thank you 💓)

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Welp, i also have this problem. But what i can say is that i get only perfects when it's my first capture. After that, the others have a 50% chance to be good or perfect. So yeah...

BTW, nice find with your Loki, i'm sure it would work nicely with Ash ^^ I also found some interactions for the hunt if you wanna look it up, so yeah, just keep on trying and mybe you'll find some answers !

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