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Shwazdo-lah my fellow Tenno! Do you think Warframe could be any more immersive? In my opinion yes. I'd like to briefly talk about a simple quality of life fix that can make Warframe massively more immersive. So as many tenno may know Fortuna just released(Yaaay!). And as soon as that heavy metal door slid open i felt like the world came alive. I wanted to walk around just explore and figure out more about this wonderful new world DE has given us! But as i started exploring i felt something was off, and then i realized it was the Hud. The numbers and bars were just in the way and made it feel like i was playing a game at home and not inside the world of Fortuna so i simply went into my setting and turned it off. Then i was walking around jumping killing corpus and having fun, but then as i was doing the main story i realized another glaring incident... No Hud turns Literally Everything off!!! I know your thinking well "Duh" of course "No hud" means NO hud. But it also means no crosshair or the more important matter, no Mission Objective Marker!!! Even if you listen to voice ques there is ZERO way to tell what console to hack or what enemy to kill. I want to be immersed yes, but no mission objective is a huge deal. I can see turning off hud for a picture/screenshot but right now i don't see a way for it to be used practically.

   When a game as beautiful as warframe is being played, players need ways to be more immersed. And that's why i am suggesting that DE make a toggle for more hud items so that we can hide more and leave only the essentials such as mission objectives and even the World map!(not sure why thats taken away with the no hud?) We should be given the option to personalize our hud to make the game as immersive as we can at the same time giving us enough information to successfully complete our missions. I hope that DE will take a look at some of the Hud options we currently have and make some slight improvements so that we can take unnecessary thing out to make room for the world in the background that we want to see more of!

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