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Redesign Cetus entrance, orb vallis map, cetus map


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So after finishing a bounty mission on cetus. i find it hard to find the entrance coz its so dark during night and too bright during day. i suggest u put some more lights in cetus entrance during night or recolor it  a darker color during day time so it can be easily seen. the map sucks. the fonts in the map is too much fade effect. in orb vallis, the map is also in fade effect. i cannot see clearly the fortuna place. i mean everything in the map is like faded or blurred. please add more details in the map. like colors. preferably dark colors. and the places in the map. please make the details more in dark colors because you have a light snowy background or make the colors very strong .not so light coz most people really cant see good in the map.

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9 hours ago, Parcival1107 said:

i tried holding M. the map is good. but the problem is i cannot move or travel after i hold the M for Map

Its a map, no route finder. You have to figure it out yourself.

It shouldn't be a problem if you used a map in real life before, you even get a little marker for you position and orientation

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