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Market (In-Game) feature request/suggestion


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Hey Guys, 

I don't usually do Forum posts as I don't think they ever get action or the Dev's actually take it on board but hopefully after 5 years in this game.

Some proof of my dedication / love


So this has been a little bugbear of my mine for a while now and recently one of my friends joined the game and he felt the same (I thought it was just me and got used to it)

The in game Market is really frustrating to shiv through if you don't know what you have mastered already since you can only filter owned or blueprint.

My suggestion is a new filter tick box to filter out "mastered" weapons & Warframes.

Please tell me there are more of you out there that agree with this and its not just me who finds it really annoying to go in and out of every item figuring out if you mastered it.

Peace out,


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