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add atmosperes and visitors to ships docked outside of planets that comtemplate warmth and allow unique visitors to carry gifts and items, this themes each area with new loot, secret deals and other improvemetns for the ship and alerts, reminds me of indian restaurants, movies+food+busy life+free candy/mod while waiting outside of warframe martian, ordis is replaced or contemplating new sayings and things about the earth shops, and other tutorials about fishing and minning in cetus while inside your ship, the new music and visitors attract new composers and music to be rendered with each planet when the player is making preparations or voice chatting is enhanced by each new atmosphere / the diorama and culture is really wonderful acentuated by more music, i hear alot of darker tones in warframe, this could be approved.

smaller hearty ship music transitions for each hover, visitors, music themed based on planet, alerts and anouncements react to each planet, special missions / new music / new rewards

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