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Recruting [Fermi Solution]

(XBOX)l HemlocK l

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Fermi Solution is an Xbox One clan. We are currently recruiting. We are looking for a few members to who are active. We are currently a small clan and want to keep it that way for now. We are preparing for fortuna. We are currently at 100% research minus 1 color which we wre working on. We are also currently working on redecorating the clan dojo. We look foward to hearing from everyone. You can message me here or on XB1. Please be mastery rank 5+.

Thank you


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Hi, I'm MR26 and possibly looking for a new clan (Xbox). I'm currently in a clan that recently transitioned from Shadow to Moon this past year. The size (1k people) is beginning to feel a bit  large for me. Too many people rotating in and out. I'd like to be a part of something smaller, more intimate, where I can get to know the individual clan members over time. 

I'm a daily player. US, Mountain time zone.

How large is your clan? How active are the members? 


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