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Garuda's Talons Submersible Bug


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I have been loving Garuda and her in-built melee weapon for the last day, however, there is one bug that can be consistently re-created that has my attention.


The bug happens when you don't have another melee weapon equipped, so that you're using Garuda's Talons, and enter the water on a submersible map such as the Grineer Sealab on Uranus. Everything will be buisness-as-usual until you exit the water, where you cannot switch to or use the Talons until your next mission. Nothing I have tried has allowed me to use my melee strikes when this bug appears, and it is quite frustrating as someone who enjoys going to Ophelia to grind away an hour or two.


To be clear, this bug only appears once you enter the water. If you enter the map and are lucky enough to not be in the water on spawn, you will be fine until entering the water, but if you spawn in your Archwing, you cannot use Garuda's Talons until your next mission.


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