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Wrong-headed control scheme needs righting


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We cannot shoot from the kdrive, so the shooter input scheme makes no sense.  It needs to use a racing input scheme, especially on controller.  There are ways games like this play, especially for controller users, and going against that not only doesn't have value, it simply does not work well.  The kdrive looks like it will be a lot of fun, once you get the input on something that makes sense for this kind of game (and let us lay out and share courses with friends, of course).   Please, you do not want this to hit console like this.  Save everyone the time and consternation, and make a good impression with the new play mode.

Play some Triskstyle for some additional hoverboard ideas.  Trickstyle has a bunch of trick inputs and some added race mechanics, like luging for extra speed, lunging forward to break obstacles, pulsing the thrust to soften a hard/high landing, and gravity lines the board can lock onto (mainly in luge or forward position, but you can throw tricks on them).

Also, we need to be able to configure the inputs separately like with archwing, and too many buttons just throw you off the board.  Quick melee should do the directional dismount (because it's a melee attack), and context action should only drop you if there is actually something to activate (because, y'know, that's actually what it's for).

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