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Fortuna upate - Feedback


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I want to share some thoughts on the release and future of Fortuna. This one is mainly focused on the atmospheric part of the open world expansion but a little bit about gameplay as well at the end.

First off I want to say I´m a big fan of details like the snow effects on armor and archwing as well as the storm close to the world border (especially the visual blind and slowdown effect). Those little things provide a lot of immersion and the world feels much more realistic.

Something I don´t like is the way enemies spawn. In my opinion there should be less but larger patrols especially in "wildlife" areas further away from the next location. It´s quite annoying to deal with two or three enemies spawning every 20 seconds while trying to do activities like fishing or hunting. They are even in areas where you do not expect them to be like mountains and at the border to the snowy wasteland. One the other hand some outposts can feel quite empty. Even at max wanted level there is a very low enemy density in some of these areas.

For things like snow effects, skybox and background music I have to say those are well done and fit the theme perfectly in my opinion.

Last but not least here is a quick rundown on suggestions I´d like to see in future updates.



1.) Temporary tracks in snow from warframes, enemies, wildlife and k-drives.

2.) Enemy "activities" in outposts like: maintenance of moa´s, commander talking to there squads, moa groups in a corners (stand by modus), corpus analyzing relics or working indoors and mines, etc

3.) Walking under water. I´m not a big of the reset if you enter impassable terrain. I don´t think there need to be a swimming mechanic/animation but something like a low gravity effect while sinking to the ground (like Zephyr?) and reduced overall movement speed should do the trick.

A little bit more gameplay related:


1.) More extreme weather conditions which affects your warframe and enemies at the same time. This could reduce the effectivity of archwings as well in order to improve the utility of K-drives.

2.) New max wanted level 5 for special areas including orbital bombardment (similar to the Ambulas boss battle).

3.) Not sure why there are no events (Incursions) this time but I think they are a must have for an open world area. However rewards and difficulty should be changed from fix to scaling with mastery level.

4.) One thing I was curious about since the Plants of EIdolon release is whether it´s possible to combine the static open world map with randomly generated indoor areas and caves. I think this would be cool in combination with mission types like the bounty spy version or for implementing regular missions (Rescue, Sabotage, etc) into the open world.


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