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Find the Solaris Camp Autofail / Investigate body spawn issue


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The first issue is that the "Find the Solaris Camp" part of the bounties, 90% of the time it autofails as soon as I step inside the mission area. This happens on multiple bounty tiers, as well as both from a bounty picked in Fortuna and outside of it.  Going in the city and coming out does nothing for this bug. I've tried entering the area on foot, on K Drive and on Archwing, same thing happen in all cases.

The second issue is with part where you have to investigate 4 bodies. The 4th one almost never spawns, I've looked over every centimeter of the zone, using a scanner as well and nothing. This happens ~80% of the time, twice only the first body spawned. Bounty tier doesn't seem to affect it. 


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