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No Dual Wield Option?


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Liking the kitguns so far, at least the stats on paper. A bit iffy that we don't get to have a rivet gun like projectile (IE hit-scan), and can only choose between beam and projectile based.

But secondaries are also known for their ability to be dual wield. Why isn't there a way to craft a dual wield kit-gun? (Obviously sacrificing reload speed for either fire-rate or magazine capacity)

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Same question applies to Zaws.

I would like to see dual wield sword/ daggers too.

But i assume DE is not certain how it will be implemented in current system.

I have a suggestion:

We build a "Link" part for them.

Build 2 weapons of same type and through a special Link screen choose the weapons and merge them.

The stats of the new weapon would effectively be :2x magazine , 1.6 to 2x fire rate, 1.5 to 1.8x reload speed of original (depending on reload mechanic of weapons), 1.5 times recoil.

Damage should not change , nor the stats for crit or status.

Bonus: Special dual Kitgun mechanic - charge shot - holding alt fire will charge up the shot (similar to staticor)

This is limited to projectile based weapons only as i cant recall any dual wield beam weapons..

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