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Sacrificial Steel and Pressure, Not Stacking Set Bonuses


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4 hours ago, XAlFias said:

Almost 1 week .. and this is affecting every other exalted warframe weapons as well ....

It seems to only be affecting exalted weapons as far as I can tell. The mods work just fine on my melee weapon. 

Sucks cause I just got umbra and I don't really get to enjoy him properly.

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As of recent undocumented change, set bonuses have begun to apply to Exalted Weapons but the UI still does not show this.

This can be seen very easily by using the Sacrificial Set on Valkyr Talons to achieve Orange Crits.


It is generally a bad idea to remove polarities with forma, especially one that you cannot get back.

Invest more forma now so that you can save yourself the pain when it could become useful.

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