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Tracking footprint issues


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So I know these have probably been mentioned before,  but even after the patch increased the pulsing on the prints there is still issues. 

Visibility.  Poop is brown and the rocks around the orb vallis are also mostly brown and also patchy sometimes in patches the size of the poop so its hard to see.  Add to that the small overall size and the lack of marker its very easy to miss. 

Now moving on from there is the footprints.  I have great trouble following these still.  They dont seem to work at all up hills with rocky parts that the tracks have to go off of,  you have to kinda guess and hope.  Add to that the lack of contrast to the colors around them its very difficult to pick out.  White on white really forces you to look closely,  and the white on orange or brown is invisible. Please make the prints colored off your energy color,  that way at least you can tone it to suit you.  And please look at making them able to be clear on terrain other than snow too.  

Yes,  theres also the issue where youre tracking virminks and end up with the wrong species 

If this stuff gets looked at itd be a rather fun system to use and learn


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4 hours ago, XshyaX said:

Footprints could be brighter. On snow and patches with lots of plants they r hard to see. 

Brightness isn't the problem it is the fact that the colors blend.  They are just on the orange side of white on ground that is either orange or white so they blend in.


Here is an idea the warframes have all this tech built into themselves and their weapons so how about some thermal imaging when on the hunt.  The frozen land is blue and the prints are bright red or yellow at the very least through the scope of the tranq gun.

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My issue is that occasionally the foot prints just do not render.

You will be standing by the start of the trail after activating the "poop" only nothing changes. You look all around the immediate area for the first paw print but nothing renders.

The fact that the trail only renders while you follow it also is a bit of a pain.

If you start the tracking then should it not just render the entire tail and allow the player to perhaps pick it up further on if a section of it is difficult to follow.

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