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Suggetion for Fortuna/ PoE


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- Enable Fissuse (relic) while doing out door Bounty

Before starting a mission, what if Warframe allow you to pop Relic before a bounty ? For example: If a Bounty have 5 stage total, then we can adjusting relic into each stage of the quest, or not. So at the end of the bounty, we can earn regular reward, stance AND some bonus Prime part ? In my opinion this is will bring ALOT of people to try out PoE + Fortuna.


- Limited time Bounty that reward specific mineral/fish

ok hear me out on this 1, this might sound like a blasphemy theory, but just listen .... What if some people, kinda prefer killing stuff over fishing and mining ? could it be that managing recourse between crafting melee, pet moa, Tenno Amp, kit gun and some other stuff is abit too much ? What if we can make farming for fish and rock a litter bit more simple ?

Introducing my idea of "Limited time bounty", which can be taken by your regular bounty given NPC (or a new one). Similar to "Alert" in the solar map, these Bounty will only last for 30m-1h, and some are restricted depend on your fame lever in the town. But these will only reawd you with a small size fish, if you want the big fish for ship decoration, you still gotta have to catch it yourself :>


- more Medium size unit

Fortuna newest big bad spider enemy is a pretty good concept in my book for the game enemy list. but still...the game have too much infantry enemy. Granted they have some flying ship, which can be count as medium size unit. But i want some tank, robot battle suit, biker, fighter jet that occasionally turn into ground battle mech ...ect...ect... the possibility are endless DE, just make enemy that bigger then a Grineer Heavy/Corpus Engineer and make it cover in steel, PoE and Fortuna is big enough for that kind of unit (some other map does, too).


- more leg variated for moa pet, perhaps ?

I mean, we got like only 1 leg type for our Moa, can we have some other leg ? OR maybe better yet, make it also become an Osprey, Hyneas or a Roller even ? Anything really, but we could really use some more pair of legs.



that's my idea, please make it happen DE, thanks <3

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