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Add UI element for jump charge


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So I simply love the K-Drive, I find it a lot more entertaining to move around with than the Archwing.

However, the biggest problem I have with it is that the visibility of the jump chrage is very limited, that being the small glow around the board and the sound que.

But this this means that a player that is playing with the game volume turned off won't be able to hear the sound que. And the glow is tied to energy color of the board which means that if you have you a dark or black energy color the glow is not visible.

So my suggestion is this: Add a small UI element, let's say around the aiming reticule which shows the charge of your jump. Could be something similar to the UI element of like the Opticor or other charge weapons. If this could be done it'd make me love the K-Drives even more.

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