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1 minute ago, Holonomic88 said:

Dread Mirror shield and the Dread Heart part of the ability encourage ranged combat.

The Shield will knock back enemies it touches, so it also encourages melee combat. It encourages combat full stop, not predominantly melee or ranged imo.

3 minutes ago, Holonomic88 said:

based on the enemies max life.

I'm fairly confident in saying that this is untrue. It restores a percentage of your missing life per second.

In fact, that very much makes it "most useful when you most need it".

5 minutes ago, Holonomic88 said:

That said, I'm fine with self damage as a ability cost, but simply restoring energy is pretty pointless.

Agreed. I don't think I actually have either Rage/Adrenaline on, I get enough energy orbs simply by throwing myself at enemies that I don't need to worry.

Energy for health is really not that useful.

6 minutes ago, Holonomic88 said:

A cool ability, but it's lack of scaling is holding it back from being great.

It has plenty of scaling, not in the initial damage but in the mark it applies to each enemy hit. It's probably one of the better scaling abilities in the game, just somewhat long to actually get off.

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