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Garuda Rework


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What's glinty logical tenno?  Fortuna has been a blast so far, however I can't help but notice that Garuda seems... incomplete.  Lets go through her abilities one at a time to start, and the issues I have seen with them after playing Garuda for a bit.  Also, before someone replies about 'entitled fans demanding things from DE' please know this is only meant as constructive feedback for DE, and they can do what they damn well want with their game.

Death's Gate (passive): While a cool 'berserker' style passive on paper, in practice this ability is fairly bad.  In low level content you don't need the bonus, and in high level content it is too risky to be running around low on life.

(1) Dread Mirror: Probably her most interesting ability, the issue is that activating it requires her to jump into the fray, while both the Dread Mirror shield and the Dread Heart part of the ability encourage ranged combat.

(2) Blood Altar: This ability is a cool concept, but in practice feels pretty bad.  For the vast majority of content the healing is rather low since it is based on the enemies max life.  In addition, Warframe is a game that really encourages mobility for most frames, and Garuda is no exception.  Having a stationary healing mechanic really breaks the flow of combat for her and I end up just using arcanes for healing instead.  In short, when you actually need healing, this ability is not reliable.

(3) Bloodletting: This ability I don't like even in principle.  We already have rage mods and plenty of other ways to get energy, so having an entire ability devoted to something that has been available as a mod for ages seems silly to me.  That said, I'm fine with self damage as a ability cost, but simply restoring energy is pretty pointless.

(4) Seeking Talons: A cool ability, but it's lack of scaling is holding it back from being great.  Otherwise excellent from a mechanics standpoint.


So, after playing her for a while, I have the following points I'd like to make about her play style.  She currently feels like a mid range frame, ducking in and out of melee range.  There is nothing wrong with that, except the requirement of engaging in melee combat is being pushed by the initial activation of her first ability, and the use of her second ability, while the rest of the functionality provided by her first ability, as well as her 4th encourage mid ranged play.  This leaves her tool kit feeling like it is pulling you in two directions at the same time rather than blending well together.  I think the best way to address this would be to either refocus her tool kit on either melee or ranged, or to segregate abilities more so that each part of her kit feels more distinct.  I would prefer the latter option as it fits with her theme, so I'd like to propose my ideas for changes to her kit.


Passive:  I would like to see her passive completely reworked.  To remain consistent with her 'gore' style, I would like to see her passive to introduce a blood gauge.  The blood gauge would be a secondary resource taking the place of energy for Garuda.  In concept, it would be a small bar that is always active (percent based, not numerical), much in the same way that Nidus' stacks show on the UI.  As Garuda deals damage the gauge would fill (note that this is intended to be a very fast filling secondary resource).  Bleeding damage has a 2X multiplier for filling the blood gauge.  Blood would then be used to cast abilities and determine passive effects as follows.  Additional notes, energy is disabled for Garuda in favor of the blood gauge, efficiency has no effect on garuda, however Flow/Primed Flow apply at a reduced rate.  Energy pickups/restore effects are converted to shields.

New Passive: Endless Thirst -  As Garuda does damage, the blood gauge fills.  While below 50% full, Garuda's thirst drives her, giving 25% movement speed.  While above 50% full, blood empowers Garuda, giving 25% ability strength.  Note, open to ideas on this, this was just my first thoughts.

(1) Dread Mirror: This ability is great, I would still like to propose some changes to suit her new kit.  Initial activation no longer requires an enemy, simply spawns the shield, no lunge mechanic.  I would also consider switching Dread Heart to scale with damage dealt rather than damage absorbed, but it's also great as is.  I would also remove resource costs for this ability and simply make it a toggle.  Channeling Dread heart costs 10% blood gauge per second to increase the damage in the same way.  After using the Dread Heart, a new one is spawned with no stored damage.  All other aspects remain the same.

(2) New Ability: Blood Aura - Costs 50% blood gauge (no energy).  Funnel blood into a healing aura that effects Garuda and teamates, providing rapid life regeneration over a short duration (I won't bother to include numbers, but intended for burst healing, not to be constantly active).  Power Strength, duration and range all effect this ability in the usual manner, though efficiency does not apply.

(3) New Ability: Crimson Harvest - Costs 25% blood gauge (no energy).  Wings of blood erupt from Garuda's claws extending directly behind her.  The wings sweep forward, dragging enemies within a 360 degree area around her in front of her and stunning them briefly.  Garuda is invincible during the animation.  Range increases wing size (length and width), Duration increases stun duration, Strength and Efficiency have no effect.  Note that this is intended to be both light CC ability, and to directly synergy with Seeking Talons.

(4) Seeking Talons: I already like the mechanics of this ability a lot, but would make the following changes.  Costs 75% blood gauge (no energy).  Seeking Talons scales off of equipped melee mods.  Note, damage/status mods only, no rivens, combo, range, attack speed etc.

Finally, I would propose some small changes to her stats:

Life: 150 (450 at lvl 30)

Shields: 75 (225 at lvl 30)

Energy: 0 (see section on new passive)

Armor: 300 (450 at lvl 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.1

This would make her slightly tankier and more mobile, changing her to a more armor/life based approach to toughness.  Since she has no direct damage reduction and only Dread Mirror as a defensive, I don't see any reason not to give her a larger health pool and more armor, especially since my rework would make quick thinking no longer apply to Garuda.

The reasoning behind most of these changes are to make her kit more unique, and more suited to being in and out of melee range quickly.  I think that her having her claws as a default melee weapon, along with the changes to her 3 offer good melee tools, while the changes to her 1 and 3 separate out the ranged part of her kit, and aside form the resource changes and scaling, her 4 remains the same.  If you made it through all of this, thank for taking the time to read it.  Again, this is simply my opinion and this is only meant as constructive criticism with the faint hope that someone at DE might find inspiration from it.  Please leave any cool Garuda ideas in the comments and I hope everyone is enjoying Fortuna as much as I am.

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2 hours ago, Holonomic88 said:

The blood gauge would be a secondary resource taking the place of energy for Garuda.

Very interesting idea - except - I vehemently disagree with this mechanic taking the place of energy. I think the mechanic should stay, but in addition to Garuda still being able to cast skills with energy

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3 hours ago, Holonomic88 said:

The blood gauge would be a secondary resource taking the place of energy for Garuda.  In concept, it would be a small bar that is always active (percent based, not numerical), much in the same way that Nidus' stacks show on the UI.

nidus still has an energy gague. removing it is not a good idea, it takes away from player build choice which i dont agree with

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