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The Best Part of Fortuna.


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For me the best part of plains of eidolon was just casually moving from pond to pond grabbing minerals and whatever across the way. Sometimes ill find a spot I havent looked at or a cave tucked into the cliffside and Ill dig around in their alarming the locals and stealing their money.

Discovering new fishing spots or hot mining spots was the calm relaxed kind of fun I really needed when winding down from frantic ducat/standing/endo farming and have a casual stroll through hordes of cursing grineer.

Fortuna is that but more rewarding. Bigger spaces with more variety and greater rewards for sticking your tigris prime into unexplored tunnels. Fishing is harder as there are no clear hotspots and the fish dodge your spears if you throw at their visual range. (Bring plenty of dye from Cetus. Its one of the easiest things to farm.) Mining is less tedious and much more rewarding.

The bizarre alien landscape gives us better views and landscapes PoE simply could not produce at the time. The enemies are particularly suited for their terrain with jump packs and flying drones and MOA that leap dozens of yards I feel like the Tusk batallion are slow and ponderous in comparison.

So yeah Fortuna provides that fun bit of just walking about and poking weird things I liked about PoE but amplified to a larger degree.

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