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Jittery Distant Enemy Movement


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When I see enemies in the distant they seem to dart along strangely. The best I can describe it is the enemies running in place while doing short teleports until they get closer and resume normal movement animations. I understand why they would do this to help performance but it just looks bad and is jarring to see a group of enemies do this when they get dropped off a ship right in front of me. This only happens after Fortuna dropped and seems to be affecting PoE as well.I can assure you it's not a case of laggy hosts either since my internet is 220 mbps and this happens even while solo.

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I am seeing this same problem. It feels like an optimisation applying at way too close a distance. 


  • Computer A: High spec, host
  • Computer B: Mid spec, client
  • Both computers on the same LAN
  • A small defence map (e.g. corpus ship defence)
  • Standing side-by-side looking at the walkways at the far end of the room


A has max framerate, and sees enemies warping along the walkway (update every 500ms or so)

B has 30fps, and see the same enemies smoothly walking across the walkway

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