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I didn't think one category will count, so I will post it here since they're bugs from various different issues.

Still having bugs where that stretched texture is spanning across my screen when I turn towards certain angles, although I seem to notice it happens around Corpus base and cave entrances/exits.

Also, you can't earn any mission standing if you ran out of Daily Standing for earning with Fortuna. Can we get that fixed, so we can earn standing in Fortuna without needing some bonus standing to be there first?


Also, I keep crashing at 800x600 resolution, I know the game released and it might be because I have an Intel 4400 graphic card, but I suspect that this crash can be avoided by setting Desktop resolution to 800x600 and set Warframe to play in Fullscreen Borderless 800x600. Maybe, without doing the work around, the game is freezing, and then locking up, because it's not handling data properly?

EDIT #1:
Some mining spot textures slide into the folds between rocks or slide partially underground, preventing the mining spots from showing up.

Also, the white box for where to stop the meter when mining blends into with the snow and some brightly white areas, so it's difficult to tell where to stop. Is where a way to change the reticle, box, and target box color to something that stands out?

Also, it might be intentional, but the animal tracks when hunting are hard to see, unless you (hyperbolically) smash your face into the ground to notice them

EDIT #2:

The texture obscuring my vision vanished as my game changed my Resolution on me, almost making wanting to terminate Warframe from Task Manager, but I let it do it's thing, changed it back, and now the ground around Vallis is missing ._.

EDIT #3:

It would appear that, after  doing some resolution changes and then going out onto Vallis to do some mining - Warframe locked up and then black screened. Infact, it do so in such a way that I couldn't terminate it from Task Manager, neither could I sign out of my own computer since that it prevents it from doing so...

I suspect that Warframe, at least to the best of my knowledge, isn't offloading something before the lock-up.


EDIT #4:

My game locked up, but for some reason - the ground unloaded. My frame rates are great right now and that stretched textures vanished. But... I can see the void below.

I think I can deal with this, but I guess Warframe unloaded the ground for some reason, probably to increase performance.


EDIT #5:

Golems, from Atlas, seem to count as enemies when capturing Cases in Case Capture missions. I will assume this "might" be true for other summonables/minions.




These pictures depict the texture issue I'm having:




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Will be updating post with bugs found
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1 minute ago, alboon said:

you need to update your drivers for your video card if that doesn't fix it looks like your video card is overheating/dying 😞

I... don't think that is the case, but I won't take it off the table if that is an issue.

Also, the Intel 4400 card is as updated as it gets. So, you could be right, or DE didn't account for something during the update/the update did something for some somewhat decent machines to see this stretched glitch.

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My fans work perfectly fine, Alboon. Although I appreciate the help 🙂

Also, I forget the mention it can be both the card and the game, but I will say that Fortuna just released a couple days ago. So I will assume, to a stubborn fault, that it's the games fault. Not in some rude sense, rather a priority one. New releases in Warframe, bless DE's soul they have to deal with all this, causes a myriad of problems, even if they do a thorough enough testing from their end. Even when they get rid of the initial bugs, it's like the game generates bugs on purpose when new content releases, either it pulls a big fat-- "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS CONTENT AHHHHHHH-- everythings "kcab" to "lamron" :D" and/or the game takes liberties on how it thinks can best receive the new changes without DE's knowing, forcing DE to put some things right back to where they were, and then some.

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