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Tons of errors in Simplified Chinese Localization

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Some of the translated dialogues don't make sense, here are some examples

1 In one type of bounty, players are instructed to steal data after getting into enemy bases, which has a bonus condition of not triggering the alarm. The instruction text at the top left corner says "Get to safe area"(translated from Chinese), which means exactly the opposite from the original text. "Secure Area" means a place heavily secured by enemies, but the terrible translation makes me think it's safe to get there so I directly rushed in and trigger the countdown lol

2 Another type of bounty tells me to set a trap on the road and intercept an enemy vehicle. One of the voice lines after the car stops is "It's down!", which means the car is taken down. But the translation says "It has fallen down" and it makes no sense at all!

3 The word "Orb" in the title of the map "The Orb Vallis" is transliterated, while it actually refers to those spider robots called "the Orbs" in this place. 

These are reasons why i think the localization needs rework and calibration. They are causing misunderstanding and affects gameplay. 

对白的翻译语句不通 而且还有很多出现了意思上的偏差 以下举几个例子 
1 赏金有一个任务类型是要到敌方基地偷取数据,任务提示“到达安全区域”,安全区域对应的英语原文为secure area,实质是指被敌人严密看守的【安保区域】,一点都不安全,翻译成“安全区域”意思完全颠倒了。 
2 赏金还有一个任务类型是在地上设置陷阱拦截Corpus的滚轮车,陷阱触发后NPC的一局提示是“It's down”,应该翻译成“它瘫痪了!”,游戏中却翻译成了“它倒了!”,这里down这么简单的一层含义都没翻译出来,是不是有点太不应该了? 
3 The Orb Vallis的翻译为奥布山谷 但游戏内同名的蜘蛛机器人Orbs却是翻译成了圆蛛,同一个名词有两种不同的翻译,认真的?。Orb Vallis的含义是valley of the orbs,理应为圆蛛山谷,用音译“奥布“简单粗暴的代替,难以称得上是恰当的汉化。 

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