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Nekros- Not-Deaths New Master... yet.


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Nekros fades heavy, across the lines of the most effective resource farming frame and a near indestructible tank. 

However lack an overall feel of a overlord of souls, harbinger of death, or anything revolving around a grim reapers vibe.

That said, his abilities dont lack this theme. However, they done have any commonality among them or lack senergy for a lack of better terms.

Looking back, we see Nekros has recieved about 3 or so tweaks in his rework from becoming primed. Those changes revolving around his desecrate and his shadows of the dead. This ultimately drastically changed the frame for the better simply because of how much the two abilities mattered to the frame as a whole.

Desicreate was turned into a toggle for the general rework change, and shadows became more advanced.

Outside of these two changes no senergys were added (excluding mod synergies).

Naturally this was a great start. However, with time. The lack of senergy will show. Most likely calling for another rework. Which had also occurred, but not for the better. Desicreate's double loot pull was nice, but nerfed. 

Tho this doesn't bring much proof to my point, it is still arguable that because Nekros lacks senergy, he lacks individuality. He may apear more useful in a survival, he lacks the powerful feel that all frames carry. (Again, excluding mods). Without his augments, or mods to assist the frame he simply doesn't hold a candle to any frame other then his ability to give more loot.

Tho this my seem harsh, it honestly is the truth. And tho many argue that any warframe would feel this way without mods, I bring up the beginning frames. Each making you feel powerful with little to no mods.

Many frames that lacked senergies and haven't felt powerful on there own have been reworked masterfully. Nezah, Oberon, and so forth.

I make this forum post to hear suggestions of tweaks or reworking some of his skills.

(I'm not saying anything in regards to changing his abilities).

I simply want a frame that carrys the title of "Death's new master", to feel like such, without having to put in an augment. 

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