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Is there something wrong with Tridolon dmg calculation?


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So I often get 5% dmg on the mission results. While I have a meta setup running volt or harrow usually. Setup: shraksun scaffold(t2) with the crit brace. Have Shadow, which I activate dashing into head, with like 75% accuracy. And I always take UW when the others let me. I always charge VS when there is no shields to shoot. My damage output is always around 5k or more. Yet I end up having 5% in results too often... 

The only thing I don't do is shooting vomvs at all. Or trying to shoot eidolon, not my job. 

Is there something wrong with the dmg calculation or I'm doing smth wrong? 

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the Players dealing with the Vomvalysts and obliterating the Weakpoints and the Eidolon itself for giant numbers vastly outweigh your numbers on the Shields.
like seriously, if this is an Organized Squad, whoever is shooting the Eidolon is probably dealing 200,000+ Damage per Shot.

don't worry about it.

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Just now, Kebast said:

I've been top damage as volt shield breaker. Belive me, you don't want that

Thanks guys I just ran with some aholes, they kept pointing at me for slow speed. I heard this before, that shields don't count much. Just wanted to make sure, since I don't have any idea how much shield the Eidolon has and how much my 5k worth. 

Also people talk about some ground dash shadow trigger, but I think it's just noob talk. 

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