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Borrowed k-drive gets stuck on water


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Before launcher is awarded, borrowed k-drive can get into semi-unusable state.

Observed behavior:

I was able to get knocked out of it while hovering over water. This resulted in k-drive some 10m of the shore. Couldn't jump on it to mount and reclaim it.

For some odd reason, however, hovering over k-board in archwing does activate the "press X" prompt but jumping close to it doesn't (and results in frame respawning on the ground near the shore once it drowns).

Expected behavior:

It should be possible to mount k-drive that's on water if one can jump to its vicinity.

Suspected source of problem:

I'm guessing k-drive can't be mounted by jumping on it if it's high above the warframe - collidable ground which happens to be several meters below the water level which is k-drive - collidable but acts as a warframe respawn trigger.

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