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Lua Stolfer Glitch


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Managed to complete this yesterday by hosting as Limbo. Had to solo past wave 5, but the other three team mates can drop spectres down to assist, and cast hitscan powers such as spectrorage, cataclysm at all three levels.

I reported this issue several days ago and we've had two hotfixes since then.

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Hi everyone!

I can't say if I'm sad or happy to learn that I'm not the only one facing this issue, but eitherway, I've experienced this issue multiple times, both while hosting and while playing on someone else's squad.

It's exactly as people have described above, but me and another user have also found out that even if the host leaves the match and the game makes you the host, you can't still drop down in the level. That goes without saying that, if the original host reconnects, he'll also experience the same issue, and no one will be able to drop down. 

If anyone has any ideas about what the issue might be or wants to do some testing, feel free to hit me up.

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It's TAiM to report some unwanted AWESOME features!

To boldly jump where no warframe has jumped before, again, again, again, again, aga......

Best trampoline in game is now located at Stöfler! Remeber, pack your favorite pellet dispenser, back up gun and bungee cord! Also check that you are not hosting the game, since it will ruin this ultimate ride of the current game. Players coming as client will have this awesome reboundzs effect what two first images are showing. After finishing first 5 rounds(that's why you need some quality pellet dispensers), you can take part this hopping session. Attach cord nearby pilar, and off you go to the pit.

But that is not all! Also Host can join this quality fun, just terminate your WF client to make hostmigration, and rejoin squad with prompt after restarting(worked on the one time it was tested. Mileage might vary from player to player). You will get to same hopping spree as rest of squad members. None is left out from this fun!

As host it works like it should be, the jumping fun. Images three and four shows that even host will get same effect, it always returns player to image three position from after jumping to the pit at image four.


So go jumping! This is limited time offer, only available now! Download your Warframe now and join the jumping fun!*

*You might be not able to join this activity right after downloading client. Additional questing and item acquiring applies. Warframe account required.




Boring tech jargönmumble:

Host is not signaling clients to switch to different variation of map, or clients are not understanding the map structure change. That will also result later that even after host-migration, none has anymore information what stage of map variant should be players in. (host has similar rebounding behavior like all clients before)

Thanks to Zorder to provide help on testing and documenting this mini-event place.









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