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Conclave Improvements


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Note that I used the word "improvements", and not "changes". This thread is exclusively for the cumulation of ideas that will objectively improve the Conclave experience in Warframe. If you want to comment something you feel will be good, please back it up with some examples.

Also, to those who claim that PvP has no place in Warframe, that is a thread for another day. Do not discuss about that here. Imo, it does have a place in Warframe, just that it was poorly done.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's begin with my list.

1. More rewards

No, I am definitely NOT talking about Conclave-exclusive rewards. I am talking about normal everyday rewards, like more credits, more endo, more resources like orokin cells and such. Don't make skins the only incentive, it's just bad. Many people who play Warframe are mostly concerned with starchart and power level progression, Conclave means nothing to them. Example, most of my friends find conclave quite fun but they tell me that they are basically "wasting time" because the rewards there are so minimal. Yes there is standing but you can't really use it until much later, playing Conclave is right now is just a great way to hinder the progress of a budding player or for people obsessed with the cool skins (like me!)

2. Balancing

Impossible. With so many warframes and weapons, balance is almost impossible in conclave and there is no good fix for it other than the sportmanship of a player to choose a balanced warframe. Because you know if someone chooses Atlas he's already gonna dominate the field.

One idea that has been circulating around which i think is quite cool would be to add a mode where players can play as grineer or corpus characters with a fixed selection of character types and weapons. Of course it will require some work but it will also make balancing alot easier. Many opinions about this one, my personal take is that it wouldn't hurt to try.

3. Add on in the comments below!

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