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Archwings let you use weapons, have K-Drives let you use abilities


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Okay, not all abilities, hear me out...

What I am thinking is basically copy-pasting the zip-line logic onto K-Drives. So for those that don't know, Zip-lines allow for some ability use, generally only abilities that only use the upper half of your Warframe's body. So if the ability requires a full body animation, you are sol. For example you wouldn't be able to use Peacemaker on K-Drives (as you can't on zip-lines) but you could use something like Fireball. Then obviously duration buff abilities are not disabled when you hop on a zip-line, so let those stay on with K-Drives.


So while Archwings kill all of your buffs, which really hurts some Warframes like Rhino, K-Drives would have the niche of allowing you to maintain your gameplay flow (hopefully DE adds momentum preservation when equipping K-Drive as well).


I know this would allow for some dumb stuff like Volt with a high power strength build and Speed, or some other weird combinations I can't even imagine, but isn't that what makes Warframe so much fun? Will being able to have your 100k Iron skin remain while on your K-Drive really be more "OP" than the other things we can do?

And as for races, which are somewhat competitive due to leaderboards, just go ahead and have abilities nullified for them.

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20 hours ago, SnuggleBuckets said:

I had an idea to increase Evasion and decrease visibility while on K-drive to make it feel unique and viable, you are after all really fast and not flying around in a literal sense.


In practice K-Drives are already effectively immortal, and when it comes to traveling Archwings are as well (also every Archwing already has an ability that drops aggro). Like, I had 4x wanted while grinding in circles around The Pearl and enemies never posed a threat.

K-Drives need something they do better than Archwings.

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