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Twitch stream won't acknowledge my linked accounts.



I know several people have been talking about not getting twitch drops, and I hate to add more noise. But, I've noticed that in my case, the twitch player won't even acknowledge the fact that I've linked my accounts. I've asked friends with working drops, and where they get a text notice that says "Drops enabled! Watch for a chance to earn loot." (at the bottom of the player, under the game title and tags) all I keep seeing is "Enable in-game Drops with Account Link." Even after unlinking and re-linking my account, using that same button, the message refuses to change. And it goes without saying, I'm not getting any drops despite having watched several hours.

Is anyone else having issue with this message, and has there been any solution?

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After 2 days of searching I have found the cause of my twitch drops not working;

At the bottom of every stream you will probably see the following message:" Enable in-game drops with account link"  If you ever switched your linked twitch account before in the past, then that might be the cause of it. You will have to go back and find the previous twitch account and make sure that in the connections settings that you disconnect warframe from it. I just did that on an older account and tried switching the link to my main account and sure enough, my drops are enabled again. Best of luck tenno!

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