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Orb Vallis: Loot crates that drop resources do not give ores as indicated


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During a number of runs through Orb Vallis I have encountered a number of crates that drop alot of Fortuna resources ranging from spores to fish bits like a loot pinata. While I get most of the items as indicated by the pick up, the ores do not seem to be put into the inventory when returning to Fortuna. This was first noticed when I got some Phasmin for Moa bits from crates. Upon return to the Orbiter from Fortuna it listed Phasmin at zero when making the refined materials. I went on to find those super crates again and sure enough the ores are not put into the inventory but everything else is. Note that this is going directly to Orb Vallis from the star map, will try to replicate this when going directly to Fortuna instead of Orb Vallis.


Edit: It does not add to the total even when starting from Fortuna and entering Orb Vallis. 

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Updated with more testing.
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