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Clipping through the ground in Orb Vallis (With screenshots)


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I started a Virmink hunt to get some standing and followed the trail, on the way i killed some corpus units and kept on following it, but then i noticed the trail suddenly stopped.

After running around a bit i started to sink into the ground on certain points, the ground i was supposed to stand on wasn't there, instead i was standing on a lower layer of ground below the one that was showing. Since i have the linguistic capabilities of a piece of toast i'll let the screenshots do the talking.


I wasn't falling or anything, it's just like i was walking through a projection.


As i went on the steeper the hillside began to be and i started sinking into the ground a bit more.


At one point i was completely underground and could see what seemed to be terrain borders.


I kept walking forward and still kept getting this weird effect, it started to lessen if i began going downhill.


This entire smooth portion of the hillside seems to be affected by this, i don't know if it's always like this or if the Virmink hunt started it.


This is the area on the map, you can see it in the bottom a bit to the left.

Other than this and a single crash there haven't been any problems on the Vallis for me.

And yes, i know there's an activate windows in the bottom right corner, i recently changed my motherboard and ram which somehow deactivated my windows (and may have something to do with the crash but that's irrelevant).

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