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Beast Elemental Mods not combining damage types correctly [Investigating]


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EDIT:  This has been fixed!

No matter how I place the mods they give me some arbitrary Damage Type

For example, here I expect to get Viral and Radiation but I get Corrosive and Blast


And here I expect Corrosive+Fire, I get Radiation+Toxin


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It doesn't matter how you order them they will only ever combine into Blast Corrosive. 

You can get the other combinations individually if you only use the two contributing elements but the second you add the third element into the mix regardless of it's positioning it will either combine the two for Blast or Corrosive and place the third Element off on it's own. Always and Forever. 



After a bit more messing around I think It's just resolving the mods in Alphabetical order regardless of their actual order

Which ends up being 

  • Flame Gland, Frost Jaw (Blast) and Shock Collar, Venom Teeth (Corrosive) 

Because I was able to make it pair up something that didn't result in Blast Corrosive by adding the following 

  • Frost Jaw, Venom Teeth (Viral), adding Shock collar to the end resulted in Magnetic, Toxin. When it should have been Viral, Electricity. 

Which would be Frost Jaw, Shock Collar (Magnetic) Venom Teeth (Toxin) 

That sticks with the alphabetical order theory. 

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Just tried it after the latest hotfix even tho it wasn't actually documented just kinda crossing my fingers. Both my Smeeta and Venaryi both of which (I assume Kubrows as well) are still ordering the dual 60/60 status mods in alphabetical order. 

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On 2018-11-25 at 7:33 AM, Petroklos said:

The moment I went to edit the post they just reapeared, I saved the empty edit and they seem to work. Weird stuff.


Also bump since this wasn't patched in 24.1.1 or

They're still busted from what i can see

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On every beast, if you equip all of the 60/60 beast mods (Frost Jaw, Flame Gland, Shock Collar, Venom Teeth), however you try to arrange them, you will always get Corrosive and Blast damage. If you use only 2 of those mods, you will get the status you want. As soon as you put in a third mod, damage types start to show up that you didnt arrange in any way (f.e. Venom Teeth + Frost Jaw + Shock Collar in this order = magnetic + toxin).

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i've also noticed this bug and I think it is because, in this particular case, status types are set depending of the ALPHABETICAL ORDER of the mods and not the actual order.

Here you have : 1-Flame Gland + 2- Frost Jaw = Explosive and 3-Shock Collar + 4-Venom Teeth = Corrosive

I'll try to check and confirm this.

EDIT : Image with text in French. Takes into account the english name


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