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Arbitrations: Being a nice host is a problem


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So...what I discovered at my expenses and it's pretty bad is that if you're a host, you die before a reward and let the team complete the rotation, you're cut out from replaying the arbitration.

What happened, Interception on Ice Planet, I was hosting and I kept the point C with Octavia, the most hectic of the map as I'm able of keeping it alone without help, but the people kept coming to C and losing towers, so between the 2 rounds I messaged them (with PS4 it's clunky) to keep their towers and leave C to me.

Well, as it is clunky (press start, open tab, type with the cursor), I was one shotted, but I let the other complete the second round.

Obviously I wasn't rewrded for inactivity, no problem I thought...I'll replay, but no, the game acknowledges me as I have complete the arbitration and I can't replay it.

This is very very bad, because when people will realize it, they will start disconnecting because waiting the others absolutely doesn't pay off.

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