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Who is this Solaris fellow in the pond?


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So there's this Corpus ship I found in this circular pond. It's somewhat half sunken, and doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, besides being a good platform to fish from. But right next to it, was this Solaris worker. Just operating some of contraption. Well, not really operating but just standing near it. 


He even has some sort of truck that is wired or connected to the ship itself. 


He doesn't seem to do anything... nor have any sort of collision hitbox. 


So who the heck is this guy? And why is he here? If he's supposed to be on work... then what is his job even? Kind of seems like this guy may have been just placed here randomly, without really putting too much detail into him, I guess in terms of interacting with anything.

Would have been nice to maybe been able to talk with him, or even do some small trading or services. It just really confuses me that there's this random, neutral NPC here. Anyone find any other type of Solaris worker just hanging around in the Orb Vallis (besides the Vent Kids and Solaris United)?

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