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Archwing AI movement issues


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I don't know if it is cause of fortuna or because nobody ever plays archwing anymore except a selected few, causing issues to go unnoticed for a long time. But enemies move even closer to walls and the "ground" aka down in trench run map missions like mobile defense on Salacia neptune. Unfortunately that means they CONSTANTLY get stuck and except maybe 5-6 enemies make it to the defense target, unless the spawn is right behind a straight small corridor next to the sattelite. Afterwards I look at enemy signals, and sure enough they are all clusted around grids, beams, or other slight hazards at the edge of a tile piece which they got stuck on. That alone is annoying enough, but it also makes the triggerhappy dash melee thing even more unusable cause if you rush around in battle on a non open space mission you keep hitting the stuff they got stuck behind, the effect or ability or whatever it is not noticing you  will hit something. 

Pics of enemies close to the ground or walls. 






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