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No standing gained when doing bounties


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I've been doing bounties just so I can reach the maxed standing to get next tier, but when I finish the bounties I don't get any standing from them...

2,950/5,000 Solaris United standing and I do one of the bounties to get me to 5,000. I return after finishing it, check in with Eudico, it's still 2,950.

I dont know why this is happening but it needs to be fixed.

[Only solution for now] :

Just trade bonds for standing. That's the only thing that will increase it

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there seems indeed some issues with the standing earned at times, but also keep in mind that there is a daily cap active, which sadly is only shown when you in the "donate robofish" screen. i also tested it with gem donation and it went down too - same when i done a bounty (could only tested in once so far, because my cap was then reached and it sat on zero after this). essentially, this is like cetus was at the launch of PoE too - lot of confusion paired with bug about the standing system...

oh, and don't even ask about the standing with the ventkids... idk if there IS a limit per day or not, but it seems you can only get 3k outside with stunts (and races, IF they work at all, that is). but 3k isn't a daily limit, for i got a lot more yesterday in a few hours (all in one day-cycle). the points to standing for those tricks/stunts seems to be at about 25% (100 point = 25 standing) as far as i can tell.

well, cancel that, either it was bugged or "fixed" - i just farmed standing for 6k in on outside-stay and everything was correctly booked to the standing-account.

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