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Warframe Concepts - Tons of em.


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Right, so this is just ideas that come out of my head, theyre not supposed to be good or bad, theyre just Ideas to work off of.

1. "LASER" a Warframe based on lights/lasers, not much more to explain other than abilities.

First ability: No clue. Maybe some kind of one shot laser that goes through enemies and bounces off walls?
Second: This one ive actually fleshed out, its a held ability where in you get a trajectory marker, basically a line that shows you where youre about to go, when released LASER turns into... a Laser and goes along the planned trajectory, any enemy hit by the laser suffers puncture damage, the laser would bounce, which the trajectory marker would also show.
Third: A sort of ring of small balls of light behind LASER which automatically target enemies, firing once again, lasers.
Fourth: Most fleshed out, An ability that needs to be charged like an Opticor or similar charged weapon, can only fire at 50% or higher, when released LASER fires out a gigantic beam which deals heavy damage, it lasts for a little while, can be directed, and LASER can still move, albeit slowly.

as for a passive, no bloody clue, toss some ideas around.

Second Warframe: RAD/NUKE/RADIUM a Warframe based around radiation and radiation damage.

First ability: RAD fires out/turns into a cloud of radiation, which deals radiation damage and can proc on any enemy that gets hit.

Second: RAD gains radiation shielding, aka, a shield made OF radiation, which absorbs hits and makes enemies up close start taking radiation damage.

Third: This one is a mess of an ability, but ill try to explain it, RAD charges himself up, giving himself more damage, more speed and armor, and a buff that does nothing called OVERCLOCKED, this ability is required to activate RAD's fourth ability.

Fourth: This one has an actual name, Meltdown, RAD charges himself up, releasing a Radiation Storm/Nuclear Explosion (whichever, i dont know), which expands out slowly, dealing radiation damage, the further the distance, the less damage, the wave simply goes outwards until it does no damage, at which point it ceases to exist.

This Warframe was basically an idea in Radiation elements, his visual design i came up with being based around or off of a Hazmat Suit or Radiation protection suits, with a motif of nuclear reactor parts, like uranium rods or similar.

Next warframe then, MORTAR, a Supporting Offense based Defense Warframe, with a theme of Explosions and Fire Support.

Passive: This ones a doozie, Immunity to self damage of explosives.

First ability: MORTAR tosses a handful of frag grenades, which upon exploding toss out DRAKGOON like fragments all over, dealing slash damage. meant for general spam.

Second: Scout, MORTAR sends out a "Sonar Ping", which reveals nearby enemies' last known location made by the ping, keeps the marks there for a few seconds, costs little, and is mainly used in conjunction with third and fourth ability to set MORTAR up.

Third: Bunker Down, MORTAR becomes immobile, gaining a large increase in damage resistance, autoreloads his weapons, and forms a circle around him, allies within the circle gain a passive ammo regeneration and reload regen, as well as a small bit of damage resistance.

Fourth: "Shelling", MORTAR opens up a top down map of the area, and can call in 3 types of Mortar shells, 1. HE, simple explosion, with more DRAKGOON fragments, 2. GAS, a lingering cloud of Gas damage causing... Well, gas, and 3. SHOCK/STUN, knocks enemies down and takes their weapons away from them, or stuns them, dont know yet. highly inaccurate and range very limited if MORTAR is not using his Third ability, shells have an increasing energy cost depending on how much you fire off, range not infinite, and shells do not instantly just appear onto the selected spot.

Idea of this one was simple, a Warframe centered around explosives and a general Artilleryman feel, hence why i thought his appearance would reflect this, with a WW1 British tanker's armored mask appearance for a face, im too bloody lazy to draw however, so here is hopefully a picture. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/385824283328380928/510893636947279872/RRN5J01.png
MORTAR would generally be a heavily explosion centered one, anyhow, onto the next and last one. 

STRATOS: A Space Themed Warframe

First ability: STRATOS spawns a cloud of miniature "starmines" around him, ability can be held down to keep letting more out, explode when enemies get near.

Second: STRATOS calls down a comet on a targeted spot, killed enemies have a chance at dropping more foundry materials (Rubedo for example.)

Third: Name: Orbit, STRATOS converts one enemy into a Titania's Lantern-like floating enemy, any other enemies that go too near it begin floating and slowly orbiting the original target, unable to move.

Fourth: Gravity, comes in a few modes, 1. Crush, STRATOS increases gravity, enemy projectiles, grenades and rockets drop near STRATOS, and they become increasingly slow the closer they get to him, STRATOS and nearby allies also become immune to knockdown effects, moreover if STRATOS jumps, bullet jumps or runs into an enemy that enemy gets knocked down, any jumping produces a shockwave, and STRATOS falls faster. 2. Nullify, STRATOS removes gravity, enemy projectiles and grenades just float off, and Bombard rockets cannot home, any enemy near STRATOS begins to float, unable to shoot, STRATOS also looses gravity if he jumps, but, in return gains Infinite bullet jumps, he can also cling to walls infinitely so long as the ability is active, and a possible Third form, "Well", STRATOS becomes a walking black hole/singularity, drawing items, enemies and projectiles towards him, projectiles get sucked in and vanish, Enemies that get too close start to spin around STRATOS and get damaged, items are simply picked up.

His general appearance theme would center around space themed things, astronauts, astronomers, equipment relating to space like telescopes and spaceships. 

Well, thats me for now, id be interested in seeing any changes anyone else can come up with, as i myself am the Laziest man on earth, and i like to hear others opinions.

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