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Alt fire kitguns parts? Different reload styles?


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Hammer fanning? scopes? Grapple hooks? Kinetic blasts?

Can we add an extra kit gun parts that would define those? Having different combinations of primary and secondary fires would be perfect way to personalize our secondaries. Would personally prefer some utility and movement related alt fire modes for secondaries.

I also really wanted to build a huge heavy revolver that reloads like corinth one shell at the time, has exactly 6 rounds and hammer fanning as an alt fire. ☹️

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I suggested something along the lines of this for DE to consider;


Imo, the Kitgun Arcanes should've added Altfire effects, with seperate "ammo" (which charges up on its own, or uses Sniper ammo, or w/e really). Stuff like;

* A frontal Riot Shiled (a la Volt)
* Plasma Rockets / Grenades
* Electric Bolas / Webs
* Azima-like plasma turrets
* Boosterbutton for your firerate / magsize / reloadspeed
* Booster to refill your main ammo (making it kinda similar to Pax Charge)

Basicly, a mix of offensive, defensive and utility-effects. But it would probably be better overall to make the altfires more utility-based, because then it would be easier to have their stats set in stone (i.e. not affected by the grip+loader), and hopefully reduces modding conflicts and whatnot.

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TBH, I'm most disappointed that kitguns are kitguns, and not a proper Corpus offering.

Given the chance, I'd side with Nef in squashing Fortuna if it meant my Moa has it's head where it should and my custom Corpus gun is an actual Corpus gun.

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Hey there.

I also wished it would be some alt fire possibilities on kitguns, because I feel like the weapons having alt fires are the best, not because those alts are op but because it brings more variety in the play style.

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4 hours ago, Ozais said:

didn't they show off more kitgun parts than what we currently have atm i wander if thos parts will come with fortuna part 2

theirs a spot and a store for main weapon. i been gussing kitgun v2 be their. some point soonTM

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