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Waypoints disapearing in open world


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this needs to be changed. i don't know why, but in EVERY normal missions, when you put a waypoint, it STAYS there. always. until you, and you only, decide to pick it off.

in PoE, and now also in Fortuna, when you put a WP, it's so that you can reach a destination. so then wy do the WP always disapears after a certain period of time? it's extremely annoying to deal with, to repeatedly put it back. when i'm on my way to hunt an animal and start a track, i always do before arriving too it mining, on my way. so i take out the lure of my hand and take the laser. and after a moment the WP simply disapear, out of thin air, for no bloody reason. which makes me pick the lure, open de big map, put the WP, close the map, and pick again the laser drill. and repeat that multiple times,  for one travel. it's really bothering me and hope it will be fixed ! i didn't complained about it for PoE, now i do! ^^

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