Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.3

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For frag sake give consoles fortuna already im not going to play it anymore untill we get it and you make rivens infusable with kuva to empower them at the cost of double the kuva per roll for a 5% buff to stats 

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Some of this is in addition to anything else that has been reported in the Fortuna forums.  First...

While it's been amusing that the Grineer backpacks can stay in the air after the grunts have been ripped out of their location by Nidus Larva or any sort of high explosive...  This is now happening when it comes to Corpus forces:


It seems that Prova Shock Batons are now leaving weird glow effects when it comes to killed Corpus Forces...  

The new Consoles look rather neat...  but they seem to need more work...  This is becoming more frequent to see after resetting alarms on Corpus tile sets:


Further Cosmetic atrefacts for the Tenno Operators should be looked into...  Take this for example:


I'm fairly certain the it's a lighting effect, but if his hair is black on black, why am I still seeing brown highlights?  Also note the halo effect around the head which my Kubrow used to suffer when it was some sort of low-detail effect that had since been corrected; seems to have moved from the Kubrow to the Tenno Operator. 

Also...  What's with the energy colour dot on the Scarf?  And why it  is only in that once place?  This energy doesn't show up anywhere else on my operator's clothes.  Just there.

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On 2018-11-10 at 9:45 PM, Parcival1107 said:

Well i hope they find i solution to this. cause it really consumes my time waiting on the loading screen. i mean , there are many ways to improve this. why dont they make all the players hosts so that when 1 left the squad there is  no need to host migration. Dota 2 is a 10 man player. but no "host migration" thing. they just disconnect. no loading required.

This is because, unlike Warframe, Dota 2 uses Dedicated Servers

So, instead of all of the players connecting to one host player, they all connect to a central server. When a player leaves, they simply disconnect from the server and the other players are uneffected.

In a peer to peer setup like Warframe, all of the players are connected to one of the players. The host. Therefore if that player leaves all the other players' connections are interrupted and the only way to fix this is with a host migration.


Let me give an example.

Let's say you have 4 players in a Dota 2 game (unrealistic but bear with me): Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, and Player 4.

All of these players are connected to dedicated server S.

This means for a player to interact with another player their connection looks like this:

Player 1 --> S --> Player 2

If any of the players leave, their connection to the server is terminated, but the other players remain connected.

However, if the Server S goes down, all of the connections are killed and the game dies.


Now we have Warframe.

In Warframe we have 4 players in a squad.

Rather than all four players being connected to a server, S, players 2, 3, and 4 are connected to player 1.

This means an interaction between player 2 and player 3 looks like this:

2 --> 1 --> 3

Player 1 acts as the Server S for this game of Warframe.

If player 2 leaves the game, they simply disconnect from player 1 and nobody else's connection is affected.

However, if player 1 leaves the game....

Everyone's connection is terminated, since they were all connected to Player 1.


This is where host migration kicks in.

Since Player 1, the host, has left the game and the connections were lost, the game needs to reconnect all the players to a new player. In this case, let's say Player 2 becomes the new host and the new replacement for Server S.

A connection between Player 3 and Player 4 now looks like this:

3 --> 2 --> 4

And you get the same situation from earlier.

If player 3 or player 4 leaves, it's not a problem. But if player 2 leaves, all their connections get killed and a host migration has to happen to keep the game going.


Host migration isn't something DE can just "fix." It would require a complete restructuring of the game's netcode.

You said to make all players hosts. This is a solution, however it requires far more computer resources and would raise the minimum requirements to play warframe. On top of this, the game would only be as fast as its slowest connection. So if you're playing with someone on the other side of the world, your game will be laggy as hell.

At least in this setup, if one player is lagging (unless it's the host) is does not affect the other players.

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making the NPC monologues unskippable during the quest is r3TARDED!

Edited by Zirazel
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By patching the matchmaking issues another was created in PoE.  Trying to join public PoE bounties already started leave you in the gate and the doors never open.  Can't eve play public now on plains because of it.  Please fix this asap.

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On 2018-11-11 at 4:56 AM, [DE]Glen said:


  • Fixed a case of matchmaking being tricked into sending people to Dojos instead of missions.
  • Fixed a crash when dismounting a K-Drive running the 32-bit version of Warframe.
  • Fixed not being able to roll with Mesa Waltz.
  • Potentially fixed Vox Solaris randomly failing after the Spy stage.
  • Fixed single lures being applied to multiple conservation trails in some cases.
  • Fixed script crash when fishing.
  • Removed diagnostic log being submitted on shutdown (this looks like a crash but isn't).

Hello, is there any fix for loading screen crash..

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i would love to see the bug with grineer and other forces leaving backpacks and items behind when being yanked from their positions using skills like inaros or nidus being fixed aswell, its been really annoying for far too long

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Thanks for having people in this weekend! I hope you get some good rest time soon!

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Mining nodes in Plains of Eidolon caves are frequently obscured by terrain, only able to be found if you aim with the mining tool and see the points to aim at.

The mining progress UI and mining nodes are still too hard to see in certain lighting conditions.

Loki's Invisibility recolors everything and the effect is extreme in certain lighting conditions.

Since pets now try to move to where you aim, they will often run in between you and a mining node obscuring your view.

Aiming a mining tool while Invisible as Loki makes his outline appear like in the normal 3rd person camera view, when it should not.

Enemy spawning in regular missions is inconsistent, often leaving you at the extract point of exterminate and crossfire missions without having killed enough enemies, forcing you to run backwards and in circles until enough enemies have been spawned and killed.

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