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battacor and occuor... (thinking)


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Well, I was just killing time in fortuna bounties and one of spy caches has some sentient-soul-thingy trapped inside. Also there was machine that kinda fuses sentient tec for battacor and occuor to improve....

I guess name gives it, I mean battacor>battalyst, occuor>occulyst?

How corpus did this is beyond my lore knowleadge but just want to post it here , maybe you guys have better idea. Here some pictures:



this lab is in enrichment labs.

Also while on bounty4 last mission, ı accidentaly set frozen sentient free(it was data bounty and I set alarms very badly). While ı was hacking final terminal sentient unfroze and start attacking everything. It was 20lvl and there is a lot of corpus and my shadows fighting(ı was nekros) and died very easily. I didnt think it would be good idea to take a screenchot because I was shocked.

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entrichment labs.
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Residual leftovers from Sentients that were present in Venus during the Old War or Parts Salvaged from Lua exploration missions?

The Sentients are Resistant but not indestructible, the cost for the Corpus to obtain said tech could have been high but it would pay off if they could create something out of it to sell.

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9 minutes ago, BiancaRoughfin said:

The Sentients are Resistant but not indestructible

maybe they have oro? though sentients ı saw was little fragments.

Im also pretty sure corpus already have sentient tech, it was on valkyr prime trailer. Though it wasnt good as sentients

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Might not be relevant and might get retconned but it's also worth noting that a corpus Archimedian named Perintol was the creator of the original sentient prototype during the time of the Orokin Empire. Who knows, maybe some secrets of how the Sentients work was passed down within the ranks of the Corpus scientists?

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