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Potentially long-Ash list of potential improvements and/or additions to Warframe


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Alright. Let's get right into this, shall we, my friends? Suggestions that I believe are important/good will be bolded, anything important to me will be italicized, and anything that combines both of them will be both bolded and italicized. THIS, THIS, or THIS. To sum everything up. I will be adding other ideas as you guys comment, give me your ideas lads.


MOAR FLIPPIN SMGS - The only actual SMG, in my opinion, is the Baza, which we all know as the internally suppressed stealth killing machine. It's kind of, well, lonely. So, I suggest a Grineer and Corpus SMG. That simple, surahs.


look, just double or remove the standing cap for things like Focus, Cetus Standing, Quills standing, that stuff. It'll make everyone's life 1000x easier.

Better Guiding for Nubs - Pretty simple here. Nubs generally don't have a good idea about, well, modding, crafting, that stuff. Maybe give them an introductory tutorial to modding and crafting, transmuting mods and that stuff. It'll help the learning.

Better ****ing Conclave - Conclave, as it is, is absolute ******* **** *****************************************************************************. Yeah, you got the message, right? Perhaps, Conclave should be completely revamped? 

More Agile Operator - Recommended to me by a fellow Whiskey_Cat watcher (go watch her, she and gwyd are amazing.) While I don't particularly understand this, mostly because the Operator shouldn't be really agile because of their age or whatever, I don't think it's that bad of an idea. Maybe, the more we use our operator the more movements and stuff they can get?

Invisible Players in the Relay - Recommended by another Whiskey_Cat watcher, this simply adds the option to make players Invisible so you don't have to deal with all of the blue glowy Excalibrahs.

FIX ARCHWING - Archwing. It's good, don't get me wrong, but, my god, the way it is right now is absolutely **************************************. Again. The movement, described to me by yet another Whiskey_Cat watcher, is "too boat-like and momentum is super wonky." Also, the grind for the weapon parts is kind of UNREAL. There's also a lack of Archwing missions, and i'd rather not have to use the Plains of Eidolon in order to rank up my Itzal. I'll talk about the Archwing weapons right now. The grind is, as I stated, UNREAL. Having to rank up every single syndicate to get all the archwing parts, and then having to research some of the BPs, it's extremely intimidating to nubs or casual players, such as myself.

Optimization for Older PCs - You heard me right. Make WARFRAME run better on older PCs, that generally sums it up. I'd rather not spend $5000 on a gaming rig to play just one game on.

Better Frame Optimization - What do I mean by this? I mean, make every single bleeping frame in WARFRAME reliable and useful from levels 1 to 10000. Might be difficult, but it'll defo be worth it in the long run.

MORE MISSION VARIANTS - What do I mean? I mean, instead of more gamemodes, make the current ones more unique, such as:

- Capture targets being datamasses that you have to bring to extraction or send to Ordis via console

- Spy rooms that involve eavesdropping for, let's say 10 seconds, instead of just getting the intel from the vault.

- Defend missions sometimes involving NPCs such as in Sorties.

Yeah, I hope you got my drift here.

Cetus Animal Plushies\Floofs - Yep. My idea was, for every 5 caged animals you get, you get one floof. IDK, it's just my idea. Either way, #floofs


Alright, that's kind of the end of my list of ideas. Knowing my luck, this post will get deleted the second it gets posted due to cussing. A lot. Whatevs. See you lads later.



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I like all of these, these are clear and direct improvements. The standing cap thing is cool at first look, but then arbitrarily forcing me to wait days to just unlock a few of the 40 or so items. Not very appealing, BUT with that said, I do feel like I always have something to do. Weather that something is what I want to do or not.

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