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Second dream - second quest (black screen in water)


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In second quest second dream, we diving in water after we go to point where we must diving second time in water in that mission, where narrator speaking "that's it, you must smell the prize becuse i know you cant see it" then start fun colder or warmer, and when i crossed half map i and my party meber get black screen, when i look on other player who have black screen that look like frozen in one place.

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Same bug, can't complete second dream.  Why it appears to happen when you go to edge of the map. in underwater.  It happened when I tried to evade grineer water guys. I think I was hitting top of map... Sometime I just fade to black and then come back fade to black but you can't escape the cycle you are stuck.

I'm a paying customer by the way.  Tried three times in the search area quest for sentient fragments.  This needs to be bullet proof, you should just hit the edge and bounce off, not "die"

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