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Framerate stutters, performance drop, and some bugs with focus


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Since Fortuna launched my performance significantly dropped, only having 12fps at max in free roam missions (and it stutters to 0 every few seconds) and nodes placed in open fields like venus and pluto, and 20-25fps max on dark sectors. If this was intentional (because an upgrade in graphics is obviously seen since the Chimera update) and is found in some of the patch notes then please disregard this.

Another thing I noticed is that everytime I switch loadouts from Navigation and start a mission, my selected Focus doesn't work (well, at least I noticed that with Zenurik anyway). I don't have my Energizing Dash anymore, but once I comeback to my Liset and start a mission again without changing my loadout either through the back of the Liset or through Navigation, my Energizing Dash comes back. Kindly check if this is actually a bug or my potato PC is just acting up and failing to update the Focus selected in the Loadout



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