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The Good, The Bad, The Jerk


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Even Warframe isn't immune to those that troll other players. Usually the type I deal with is friends doing it, which is fine since its all fun for everyone. BUT! There seems to be a issue with players in the Open-World maps for Warframe. One, which may be minor but somewhat needs attention, are players that tell others to leave during the Triple Eidolon Hunt cause they don't have a shard cause they entered looking to get shards and cores from the Sentients, just bad sportsmanship in honesty.

The much bigger point is that involving the Vallis and players leaving before the mission is finished. I don't know if they think they get the rewards once it's finished without going back to Fortuna(If you're reading this and you exfil to Fortuna through menu, its considered a "Mission Failed"), which cause problems for a lot. Been on 4 missions where this has happened, must have lost out on 4,000-5,000 of rep for SU. I was thinking a mark on them, but it would also apply to those with bad connections or reasons beyond their control. But this is irritating me that these people are doing this thinking its funny or that they don't need to be in the squad afterwards. Just ticks me off sometimes and I know it does to others as well.

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