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Snipetron or vectis?


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I suppose the original Snipetron and original Vectis is kind of even in performance, 
just that I personally favor the Vectis in general because of the short reload time despite being single shot.

Snipetron on the other hand have a significant reload time
which to be honest if you actually take up one slot for reload speed mod
the damage output would be reduced.

I build all my 4 variants, Snipetron, Snipetron Vandal, Vectis, Vectis Prime
with hunter's munition build.

With point strike.
Snipetron 180 dmg, base 30% crit (75% with point strike, 115% with argon scope)
Snipetron Vandal 200 dmg, base 28% crit ( 70% with point strike, 107.8% with argon scope)
Vectis 225 dmg, base 25% crit (62.5% with point strike, 96.25% with argon scope 108.25% with critical delay)
Vectis Prime 350 dmg, base 30% (75% with point strike, over 115% with argon scope, 129% with critical delay)

While their base crit is really decent with point strike, but since Vectis is a single shot weapon
you can throw in critical delay without having to take the firing speed penalty.

Currently my best sniper rifle is Vectis Prime, because you can simply throw in all the damage builds
without reload speed mod, it is simply a bolt action rifle with 72 - 90 rounds of spare ammo if you look at it this way.
And it has the highest damage among them all

This is my current Vectis Prime build (3 forma or so)
1-hit level 125 corrupted bombard with 18k slash proc ticks

While you can throw in the same build for all sniper rifles, vectis family need no reload speed mod 
without affecting damage output, and vectis prime being highest base damage.

150% multishot with HM is 60 - 90% chance to get the slash proc every shot, quite consistent.


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14 minutes ago, (XB1)Deadcouncil445 said:

Thanks! What's the average price for the vectis prime in the shop?

There is twitch prime free vectis prime, fang prime, trinity prime claim.

(which is how I get my vectis prime) since that one is +slot + cayalyst.


This one is currently 150 - 400p as listed, so I guess the price can be a bit steep 
if you have the credit card details to do a top up, signing up for the twitch prime trial
is kind of free.

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