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After the Nov. 11, 2018 update, my synthesis scanner is gone.


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Same here. I'm surprised only two people have commented on this. It actually completely gone from my inventory, leaving only my synthesis widgets. Are they aware of this issues?

Oops, double post. Can't seem to delete my own posts for some reason? Oh well. I really hope they fix the scanner ASAP. Before this Helios was broken for a long time so scanning is pretty much non-existant lately.

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accidental double post so I decided to add an addendum as well here
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I went to Simaris and got another synthesis scanner and then went on vacation.  When I came back I checked my inventory and now both scanners are gone. WTH devs?

I need the scanners to do 14 DNA scans on the stupid cats.

 Fix it please.


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Mine were both missing too. I know I at least had the Synthesis one with all the widgets, and I think I had some of the regular kind. Both missing from the wheel, and both missing from my inventory. 

Helios still isn't working correctly either, but that's for a different thread. 

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