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Wukong stance rework


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On the topic of all the rework request for Wukong I would like to add that I'd love to see the Primal Fury or the staff stances in general reworked [or a new one thrown in].  All the staff stances don't really have a Chinese influence or flair to them.  I do like the silliness of the block combo in Primal Fury, that I'd keep in but change the other parts to have an actual Chinese influence to their movements. Things like his 1 could be [instead of an invisible prod] the slam movement in the Yin Shou Gun form [jump, arch back, legs up and back before the slam].  Or that could be his 1 altered when Primal Fury is active.

There's actually a Youtuber by the name of Ranton who spent quite some time training at the Shaolin Temple.  He has a reaction video to the For Honor DLC Marching Fire [Chinese expasion] discussing the movements of the character models in game [links are to his Youtube vids].  I think it could add a really neat and a nice background to the Chinese frames and weapons in the game; i.e. blades/machetes could get some love, also it'd be great to see glaves/polearms move like they do in Chinese movies at least for one stance.

Maybe he was half joking but maybe DE could reach out to him to do some mo-cap but not just for staffs, I'm sure he trained in other forms while he was there and i think having that would be a great resource for DE for other weapons as well, giving some more flow~y movements to them like in kung fu.  I would LOVE for this to happen and think this would be a great opportunity for both parties.

Really hopes this gets to DE, would REALLY love to see Wukong's staff rework not just in numbers, but movement as well to reflect the character and Chinese influence more.  Also he moves super slow :{

Thanks for your time to whomever this reaches

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Pretty sure I don't recall Wukong being trained in actual Martial Arts.

I mean, when you have a 40,000kg stick you don't need to be fancy.

Do the combos need updating? Certainly. But they need to be updated to be more fitting with Wukong himself, not the Chinese Martial Arts he may or may not have had knowledge of.

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Stamping a solid 'Wait and see' on this one.

Melee 3.0 is updating every melee combo in the game to have three specific combos, a stationary one, a movement one and a blocking distance-closing one, all capable of being performed with reliable inputs (so that people going from one weapon type to another can instead experiment with the actual combo's effectiveness, not have to hit random pauses or move left while pressing to make them work), and this should include the ones for the ability melee weapons too.

Basically... they're already doing it.

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