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K-Drive Stealing Resources


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After farming Iradite and getting shafted twice today, I'm starting to suspect the K-Drive is stealing my resources.

  1. Go to Plains of Eidolon.
  2. Get on K-Drive.
  3. Ollie into an Iradite formation to destroy it / pick it up without getting off your K-Drive.
  4. View Mission Progress.
  5. Notice you have Iradite.
  6. Go back to Cetus.
  7. Notice you don't receive the Iradite.
  8. Go back to Plains of Eidolon.
  9. Find Iradite.
  10. Get off K-Drive before destroying it and picking it up.
  11. Go back to Cetus.
  12. Notice you properly receive the Iradite you collected.

At least now that I know why my first two farming attempts failed I can finally make my archwing launcher for fortuna. :)

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