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More than one active pet


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When I got my first kubrow I was super excited for what could be, OMG every frame could have their own custom doggos, needless to say I was super disappointed when I found out they didn't have a vacuum, then I found out I had to go though a soul crushing process of putting the active pet into statis, taking another out, rushing recovery and all the animations that go with it, that pretty much put an end to that dream.


We have done away with recovery.
Pets now have a functioning vacuum.

Please, please, please implement a way to have more than one pet out of stasis.

Having to go back to my orbiter to go though the arduous process to swap pets is literally the worst thing in the game.

Once all the frames and sentinels are done there is no reason to collect reactors bar new frames.

Give us a reactor and forma sink that is rewarding and fluid, not cumbersome.

I've spent millions of credits and hundreds of platinum on incubator cores and stasis slots breeding and cross breeding to get breed, pattern and size ect, but never bothered to potato and forma, because changing out pets is such a hassle.

The dream being able to switch to my loki loadout with my raksa ready to go, then switch back to khora with her kavat, inaros with helmith etc, every frame loadout with a custom tuned pet, without the stasis bs.


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+1 for this.

In order to switch pets, we have to go through the excruciatingly slow process of putting the pet in stasis, waiting around, then pulling the old pet out of stasis. This is a time waste for no reason.

But there's a bigger issue than just that. By only allowing us to have one active pet, it completely destroys compatibility with loadouts. I'd love to use different pets with different frames, choosing different pets for synergy. For example, an Adarza Kavat with Atlas for those sweet criticals on Landslide, a Smeeta Kavat with Nekros for farming resources, and even a Sahasa Kubrow with Banshee for digging up energy orbs between Defense waves. It would be great. But even if you set up loadouts like that, if you switch to a loadout while the pet isn't active, the companion slot will just be empty. It's horrible. And as you said, it also means you can't just switch loadouts from a relay, dojo, Cetus, or Fortuna - it has to be done from your orbiter.

Because of this, I don't get to do any of the above. It isn't worth the hassle to me, as I rely on my saved loadouts very much for quickly getting set up and jumping into a mission. Instead of having all these different pets for fun synergy, I'm just sticking with my Adarza Kavat only. It's sad.

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