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Fist full of idea's


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-Default ship window should change with the ship you have.
-Arcane helmets should be a rare item and should be treated as such. Arcanes are better the arcane helmets, which makes them a negitive.
-How long a clan member has been with the clan. Please, once you get into the high numbers of clan members remembering everyone is hard. But its not only for the clan leader, clan ranking also motivates clan members.
-Make something the clan would like to have but needs resources to keep it. But has level's, once resources it gets to the next level but requires more to keep but is more impotent to have. As a clan leader having everything researched there's nothing to contribute to. So it hard to see who is committed to the clan.
-Zephyr charging is pretty cool, more please.
-forma counter in profile anyone to see.
-Make the idols in the ship sizeable, please.
-unleash  Simulcarium, any level for enemy's to test frames.
-For the love of god remove forward jump roll one 1 space hit. Please.
-Improve clem, seems like he does worse then a level 1 spector.
-Silva and aegis skin for prime version. Its just better.
-Stances in profiles need to be improved.
-Damage 3.0 should just change enemy dps/health no need to change user weapons.
-no weapon option in articula, like if your in your ship with no weapon just your stance there isn't a option for it. That would help alot with the pics.

And just saying Most used missions are not favorites. Its like driving to work daily, the road is used most but not a favorite.


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